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My name is Jason Quinlan. I have been a professional SEO and Internet marketer since 1997. SEO is the only job I've had in 20+ years, and trust me, that's hard to do. You have to roll with constant changes in the Google algorithms. My unorthodox SEO methods helped me stay ahead of the curb, one of them was using Pinterest very early on. Now I would like to share with you some of the awesome things you can do other search engine professionals either aren't doing or sharing publicly. In this course, I tell you everything that's helped me keep a competitive edge for years using Pinterest.

About This Site

Why The Hell Would Anyone Make A Internet Marketing Training about Stumbled Upon? It's just people stumbling around right??

Stumbled Upon is one of the most ignored and powerful hidden social media gems on the internet! Being able to "Stumble" correctly is one of the SEO and marketing tactics that most people aren't using and can give you the edge. Yes, that's right I said: "stumble correctly. All traffic has a point of conversion, turn some of those stumbles into the sales!

What are the benefits of "stumbling correctly?"

1. TRAFFIC: Your sites will start getting a ton of traffic. It is not uncommon for a stumble to send at least 100 visits. If one of your pins, "catches fire" that number can go up into 1000 and beyond. This course positions you best to catch that fire.

2. ENGAGEMENT / SEO: This engagement I call "indirect SEO." It isn't traditional SEO, like getting a link from the New York Times, but Google rewards engagement. What can be more engaging than a bunch of people socially sharing your content?

3. CLIENT RETENTION: if you work as a digital marketer you realize that clients are a necessary evil. What could make them happier than seeing their traffic triple or quadruple from their presence on Stumbled Upon? Also, I teach you to stay in control of that traffic, so if they decide to part ways, they can also part ways with your sweet, sweet traffic.

I have been doing search engine optimization since 1997 and always had a very on Orthodox "outside-the-box" approach, giving me the ability not to have a real job since 1996. I'm not trying to be one of those pretentious Internet marketers that tell you using my methods you will make $5 million per minute. These are just some tricky and unique strategies you can use to dominate your competition and the first page of Google!
Just like in my last course, Pinterest SEO Tricks, I have come up with new and efficacious ways to magnify the reach of your Stumbles. Introducing the dreaded...

THE POWER STUMBLE" - I have never seen this method taught anywhere. Syndicate your Stumbles out to all of the major data aggregators with the push of a button. It's the difference between stumbling around in the dark and stumbling like an atomic weapon.

STUMBLER SILOS -Yes, you heard me right. Silo architecture can be used with Stumbled Upon too! And it makes the traffic go through the roof even more!!

SYDWIRE INTEGATRION - We will show you how to integrate your Stumbles with Syndwire and put them on autopilot.

STUMBLED UPON AND IFTTT: But stumbled upon isn't in IFTTT? Not so fast, we will show you exactly how to integrate it into your syndication strategies. Included in the training and overview of working with IFTTT which stands for "if this then that" and it is a powerful way to streamline your social media activities!

We also get into some advanced link building tactics where you can rank your stumbles, and we prove it in the training with a case study! That's right; you can rank Stumbled Upon properties for just about any term you want using the methods I teach. Because of the nature of Stumbled Upon, you are also able to get away with some very advanced and evil black hat linking that won't fly anywhere else.

We also get into some very advanced Blackhat strategies using popular tools such as Syndwire and GSA Search Engine Ranker. Included in this course is 42 minutes of pure on adulterated "Black SEO Magic". I do a comprehensive training on how you can use Synwire and GSA Search Engine Ranker to do some evil black hat link building you can't get away with elsewhere by taking advantage the randomness contained inStumbled Upon to launder your dirty link juice. In this training, we take link juice laundering to a new level. This is very advanced SEO and not for novices.

Last, but certainly not least we have some advanced RSS strategies you can use with Stumbled Upon. Including blending it with other RSS feeds to get that magic "hit feed".

So you know what the best part is? This course is only $5! That's right; I said five dollars for full access to everything you see in the menu below you. Also, as I did with our Pinterest training, I am always adding updates as new strategies develop.

Why are you waiting? The price won't stay this low forever I can guarantee you that! You can get access to all of this mastermind search engine optimization and cutting-edge social media marketing for the price of one mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks. There are no tricky up sales or any of that nonsense! What you see is what you get!

Don't be a zero, be a Stumbled Upon Hero!

Your traffic and clients will thank you later!!

SECTION 1: Intro: Why Stumbled Upon?

Lesson 1:

Stumbled Upon Intro

SECTION 2: "Aged" Accounts And Proper Account Setup

Lesson 2:

New Vs Authority Accounts and Why to Use Each


Lesson 3:

Account Setup


Lesson 4:

The iImportance of Interests (Your Niche)

SECTION 3: Stumbledupon "Etiquette"

Lesson 5:

How To Stumble


Lesson 6:

Gaining Your Stumbler influence

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